Visa on Arrival, Cairo Airport, Egypt

Date of travel: May 2023

Egypt requires a visa for most passports, and you can get it on arrival (which seems highly recommended, because I read people had many issues with their website).

They’ll most likely give you a form in your flight. Once you land and get into the airport, you need to go to a bank/currency exchange desk close to the exit, with the form filled. There are 2 desks, the default desk is the currency exchange, and only accepts cash. But if you go to the desk that’s on the other side you’ll find the bank that takes card (and it’s usually emptier).

Then you get in the immigration line that’s right ahead, and off you go.

If you want internet, there’s a vodafone desk in the bagagge claim area. If you’re unlucky, the queue might be long. There were other phone carriers (that had no customers..) but I didn’t try them.