Cairo → Taba

Date of travel: May 2023

So you wanna cross the Egypt-Israel land border, and you’re trying to find out how to get to Taba (the border town)?

Well, let me help you out.

There’s a bus that goes from Cairo to Taba, through the East Delta Bus Company but for some reason it was not running. I ended up having to take a bus to Dahab, and then getting a taxi to Taba.

Cairo → Dahab

I took the overnight bus from the East Delta Company. The ticket cost 230 EGP, and the trip took over 10 hours, with a few stops for toilet and snacks, and multiple stops (Suez, Sharm El-Sheikh, etc) for security check and ID check.

I bought the tickets in Torgoman (ground floor of the shopping center), which is also where the bus departs from (under the shopping center).

The security checks were fun: you have to get out of the bus, grab your bags, and stand in line. In my case, nothing really happened, the military just wanted to check the inside of the bus.

The bus was just a bus, don’t expect wifi or usb charging. And you better be a good sleeper, cause it’s a noisy trip.

The route is from Cairo → Suez (you go under the canal!) → and then south east along the cost to El Tor → Sharm El-Sheikh → Dahab.

Dahab → Taba

The bus drops you in the Dahab bus station, which is a bit far from the center of the town (2-3km). This part of the town was totally empty when I arrived, and there was only one guy offering taxi services. There’s only one bus per day to Taba, and it had left early in the morning (I arrived at like 11:00 am)

Me and my friends were able to negotiate a taxi to Taba for 70 euros (cause we had some leftover euros). He originally asked for 80 euros to Taba and 50 euros to Neuweeba. After we arrived to Taba, we talked with another tourist who also arrived by taxi but from Neuweeba and they paid ~25 euros, so I guess it was a fair price.

The Dahab → Taba drive took around 1.5 hours. Our driver was Ahkmed 0201033681037. It’s a nice drive by the coast, and he even stopped for some photos.