Amman → Jordanian Dead Sea

Date of travel: May 2023

The cheapest way I found to go to the Jordanian Dead Sea from Amman is with Jett Bus.

The bus (or mini-bus, depending on the attendance) leaves Jett Bus Abdali Station at 08:30 AM. The same bus will stop at the 9th Circle Station at 09:00 AM. The return bus will pick you up between 15:00-17:00. It’s possible to book the return for a different day, in case you decide to stay in the area. You can find the schedule in the Jett Bus website.

You can book the tickets online at, the roundtrip costs 15 JD/person. Make sure you arrive a few minutes before, so that they can check you in.

One thing to note about the Jordanian Dead Sea is that it’s monopolized by resorts. Even the public beach has been closed off (they were building something). This means you must have a specific resort as a destination (so that the bus driver knows where to pick you up).

The driver will most likely sell you the Ramada (which is the default drop-off point). It costs 25 JD for the stay (includes all you can eat lunch, access to the pools and showers). There might be a cheaper option without the lunch.

I didn’t go there because I already had something else booked, but I heard that it was good, though the beach is a bit far away (but they have golf carts that act as shuttles). It might also be a bit crowded since it’s the default option.

If you have another resort booked, all you have to do is inform the driver, and they will take you there, and tell you a time to pick you up (ask to get picked up later to enjoy some extra minutes - the driver might say yes).

I stayed at the Crowne Plaza and paid 30 JD for the full package because I booked it through the hostel I stayed in. The price at the door is 40 JD for the full package. They have a cheaper option without lunch (can’t recall the price, but I think it was 25-30 JD).